Real Estate and Construction

As Cambodian economy is surging up, real estate and construction industry in Cambodia evolve dramatically due to the extensive needs of real estate investors and users. An & Lor offers market-leading advice where the said industry is at the centre of the transaction.

We offer insightful and innovative approach services on due diligence, real estates and construction-related agreement drafting​ and tax on property. We also assist our clients in obtaining various licenses and permits from the governmental authority.


Banking and Financial Services

Banking and finance institutions are vastly expanding​ and have been grappled with the regulation changes and digital disruption.

An & Lor offers full range of banking and financial legal services to both local and international banks, financial institutions, and corporations. Our expertise extends to loan, project finance, capital market, and banking compliance. We also assist our clients in obtaining specialized licenses and relevant permits from the governmental authority.

With digital transformation in financial services, Financial Technology (“Fintech”) is emerging to play a key role in financial services per se. While the regulations on FinTech are basically imprecision, our team at An & Lor is ready to provide novel and comprehensive approach to support your journey in FinTech.


Corporate and Commercial

An & Lor lawyers are insightful and immensely experienced in the corporate and commercial areas. We advise local and international clients on formation, Article of Incorporation amendment and dissolution of all business organizations and foreign entities doing businesses in Cambodia.

We provide sound advice to joint venture(s) in preparing relevant documentation and obtainment of necessary permits.

Our team will help you in all phases and procedures of the merger and acquisition process.

Our team provides translation service for all types of legal documents. Legal translations have their own technical terms and our team who are familiar with the legal documents daily will assist you with your legal documents requirements. As part of our legal ethic and value of our law firm, we strictly abide upon the confidentiality rules and ensure the accuracy and quality of the translation.


Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation lawyers at An & Lor are skillful and professional with ​extensive experiences in handling the most complex commercial lawsuits and arbitrations.

Our attorneys will collaborate with specialized attorney(s) in the field to settle your case(s) with great responsibility.

We will help the clients to manage the dispute​, mainly minimize​ the risk and provide workable solutions to achieve the optimal result.


Labour and Employment

Lawyers at An & Lor’s Labour and Employment practice group offer full ranges of legal services related to labour and employment matters. We are actively involved in counselling employers on a full spectrum of issues they confront on a daily basis in their businesses, from advising on employee policy manuals to assisting employee investigations, discipline and terminations.

With our specialization, we work our best to assist our clients in obtaining necessary certificate(s) for the enterprise and employee(s) from the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training.



Corporations are facing challenges due to strict enforcement of tax and changing regulations. Our tax experts are well-experienced in managing your tax and ensuring your proper tax compliance.

Our expertise covers tax planning, corporate taxes, stamp duties, and real estates tax.


Intellectual Property and Technology

Amidst the disruptive technology and digital transformation, investors start to realize that IP has a great commercial valuable asset. If you are looking way to protect your IP and wish to take most advantage from it, our attorney​ can give you practical advice to secure your IP and help you to get return on your investment and manage the risks properly. An & Lor’s intellectual property practice group has an extensive experience on the contentious and non-contentious IP works including trade marks, copyright and design rights, patents, domain names, data protection, technology, e-commerce, and advertising.


Mining and Energy

In the 21th century, the mining and energy sector including oil, natural gas, electricity, nuclear power, renewable fuel and other energy is swiftly affected by the market volatility.

To serve our clients in mining and energy sector in such challenging environment, we prepare

d our legal team from cross-practice teamwork to jointly provide the innovative and comprehensive legal solutions to the complicated legal issues in this field.

We also advise our clients on mining and energy-related fields including environmental matters, regulatory approvals, and licenses. Attorneys at An & Lor have wide experience on all types of complex environmental, resource, occupational health and safety, toxic tort, and product safety issues for clients.

Our lawyers also advise clients on the legal, practical and business issues surrounding electricity generation, transmission, distribution, policy, regulation, sale and consumption.

We also assist our clients in their application for mining and energy licenses.